Jul 6, 2015

Yangdi Xingping Trek

Yangdi xingping trekking is a classical one near Yangshuo. This is a very easy hike where it's practically impossible to get lost. The best option for this trekking area is starting on foot  from Xingping and come back with a bamboo boat. The biggest advantage of this option is to avoid the Yangdi wharf tourist trap. The trek ends in Shuiyantou, the village just in front of Yangdi, on the other side of the river and it is not necessary to take the last Yangdi ferry

View on the Shuiyantou village bank
The end of the trip: on the left, this is Yangdi, on the right, this is Shuiyantou

At Shuiyantou village, or at Langshi if you prefer, you will find very easily a boat for return and it will be definitely cheaper than Yangdi.

Langshi scenic view
The famous Wave Stone scenic view. On the left, this is Langshi village
On the first part of the journey, you can shorten the hike by taking a mototaxi or minibus  So, you start hiking to the first ferry, the Lengshui ferry. This first part is interesting to walk, so, on the return, you can ask the boatman to drop you at Lengshui ferry and finish the journey on foot.

It's possible to do the trek in 3 hours. But take your time for discover all the little villages around. This hike is described in three steps punctuated by two river crossings

Xingping > Ferry > Lengshui > Quanjiazhou > Ferry > Langshi > Shuiyantou > return on bamboo boat

1 - From Xingping to Lengshui

From the bus station, cross Xingping village by the street named "Old Street" and take the Binjiang bridge to walk the east bank of Li river . This is a very touristic way to go to the 20 yuans scenic view. Continue the road crossing little villages and you arrive to Lengshui Ferry. If you plan to do this par on the return, take a mototaxi.

Trek from Xingping to Lengshui
Hike from Xingping to Lengshui on a carriage road

Journey from Xingping to Langshui
Route from Xingping to Lengshui village

2 - From Lengshui to Quanjiazhou

The path is very clear to Laocuntou. 100 m after Laocuntou, you must leave the main road and take a small path on the right to stay close to the river.  It is a path that was recently concreted for the passage of tourists. 200 m further, this path cross a little river. It's point A on the map below.

New path and new bridge just near the river

Quanjiazhou village

At the foot of Quanjiazhou village, the ferry for cross the Li river.

2 bis - From Lengshui to Quanjiazhou passing by Yaotou

All the classic route is close to the river. It can become monotonous. An alternative is to avoid the path built especially for tourists and take the paths used by the locals. We must move towards a bridge (point B on the map) located 400 m upstream from the other bridge. Hard to get lost here. Just go on the west by small paths that make us gain altitude. We approached two peaks before arriving in Yaogtou. Nothing special in this hamlet, but the atmosphere, away from the tourist trail seems frozen for centuries.

Main road going to Xianggongshan

Path near Yaotou
Going to Yaotou

Before Quanjiazhou

Yaotou is 100 m highter than the river. After Yaotou, the path goes down near the river. There is a parallel path used by local raised 10m over the river.

4 - From Quanjiazhou to Shuiyantou 

After the ferry, The path is obvious: just follow the river to Langshi, then to Shuiyantou. At Langshi, take the time to rise above the village to take pictures. The trek ends in the Shuiyantou village.

Trail from Quanjiazhou to Shuiyantou

5 - From Shuiyantou to Xingping

In Shuiyantou, it's very easy to find a bamboo boat for the return. It's cheaper than Yangdy. An other option is to end the journey in Langshi and go back.

if you have opted to finish the boat ride to the Lengshui ferry, do not take the concrete road but get closer the river to follow the stone dam. Follow the beautiful gravel beach. You can join the road at any time by the many footpaths.

Li river in front of Langshi
Downhill Li river in front of Langshi village (left)

  • The whole distance is 15.9 km (4 hours)
  • Disrance Xingping bus station/Ferry-Lengshui = 5.5 km (1:20 hours)
  • Distance Lengshui/Ferry Quanjiazhou = 7.2 km (1:50 hours)
  • Distance Ferry Quanjiazhou/ Shuiyantou wharf = 3.2 km (0:50 hour)
Map Xingping Yangdi
Overall map of Xingping Yangdi trek

Overall map detailed

if you're curious, take the time to linger in the 10 small villages you pass through. So take a  8 hours hike.


  1. Hello, I am interested in doing one of these walks, maybe between 4-6 hours worth and getting perhaps a sunset cruise back. Is this possible? What start and finish points would you recommend? Is this route open for April 2017?


  2. Dear Daniel Metz, thank you very much for having prepared this very informative and helpful website. I'm going to Yangshuo in a few weeks, I do love hiking and this is really something I was looking for!!! Thank you so much for all the maps you prepared and the detailed descriptions.

    All the best


  3. Dear Daniel Metz, thank you for your very informative and detailed report.
    I will follow your idea next spring. Regards N K from Japan