Jun 20, 2015

Yangshuo hike to Yulong river short and easy

Yulong valley is certainly the most charming area around Yangshuo. The farming cultures and impressive hills's decor give off a calm and serene atmosphere. If you are in Yangshuo for only one or two days, this is the ride not to be missed. This short hike requires only a half day. It can be done on foot or by bike.

The classical Tongmen hill before arriving at Gongnong bridge
A nice view on Yulong river not so far from Gongnong bridge

Yangshuo by Kangzhang street > Gongnong Bridge > Aishanmen Village > Crossroads 066 > Yangshuo

Distance from Yangshuo to Gongnong bridge 4 km (bus)
Total walk from Gongnong bridge to crossroads 066 road  is 8.8 km
Distance from crossroads 066 to Yangshuo center is 2 km (bus)

Getting there
In south Yangshuo, take the bus on Kangzhang street. It is going direction south west. Get off at Gongnong Bridge.
If you chose the walking option on this part, go south west direction. After the monumental gate,this road is called G321. You reach Gongnong bridge 4 km further.

From Gongnong bridge to Aishanmen

Just before the bridge, a small road on the right follows the north east bank of the river. Follow it to Aishanmen village 矮山门 that is 4.8 km further.

Man crossing yulong river
Many dams allows to cross Yulong river.

If you ride on bike, follow the road, but it is an advantage to walk on foot because we do not see much on the road, but the footpaths near the water allow to see all the awesome landscapes.

Yulong valley view between Gongnong bridge and Aishanmen village
Yulong valley between Gongnong bridge and Aishanmen village
Old houses in Aishanmen village
In the Aishanmen village

Aishanmen valley in front of the village
Aishanmen Valley

Just before Aishanmen village a crossroads. On the left, you go to Chaoyang wharf. This is a dead end road. 

TIPS: You can stop the trip here. From Chaoyang marina, it possible to rend a Bamboo raft and come back to Gongnong Bridge (bike transport possible). Take on the right at the crossroads for continue the trail and join Aishanmen village.

From Aishanmen to Yangshuo

At the end of the village take the road on the right on north east direction. For the next 4 kilometers the scenery is awesome: Crop fields surrounded by limestone karst hills. It is the Shenqiyan scenic area 神奇岩景区

A very simple and easy hike near Yulong river

Following this road, we arrive at a crossroads. Taking on the right to reach Yangshuo center (2 km). It's the 066 road and many buses pass by here to go in Yangshuo.

Useful chinese words for asking the way

  • Kangzhang street   抗战路
  • Gongnong bridge   工农桥 
  • Aishanmen village    矮山门
  • Chaoyang wharf   朝阳码头
  • Shenqiyan scenic area  神奇岩景区
  • Carrefour 066   路口066
  • Yangshuo   阳朔

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