Jul 6, 2015

Yangdi Xingping Trek

Yangdi xingping trekking is a classical one near Yangshuo. This is a very easy hike where it's practically impossible to get lost. The best option for this trekking area is starting on foot  from Xingping and come back with a bamboo boat. The biggest advantage of this option is to avoid the Yangdi wharf tourist trap. The trek ends in Shuiyantou, the village just in front of Yangdi, on the other side of the river and it is not necessary to take the last Yangdi ferry

View on the Shuiyantou village bank
The end of the trip: on the left, this is Yangdi, on the right, this is Shuiyantou

Jun 20, 2015

Yangshuo hike to Yulong river short and easy

Yulong valley is certainly the most charming area around Yangshuo. The farming cultures and impressive hills's decor give off a calm and serene atmosphere. If you are in Yangshuo for only one or two days, this is the ride not to be missed. This short hike requires only a half day. It can be done on foot or by bike.

The classical Tongmen hill before arriving at Gongnong bridge
A nice view on Yulong river not so far from Gongnong bridge

Jun 17, 2015

Yangshuo classic trip to Yulong river

Dawn on Yulong river and Yulong Qiao
Yulong river and Yulong Bridge
The Yulong river trekking area have made the Yangshuo reputation. The trek crosses the easy and plaisant limestone karst landscapes. The trek starts in Yulong village and Dragon Bridge. This hike allows you to be closer to local's rural life.

Jun 15, 2015

Yangshuo hidden trekking area from Putao to Shikou

This nice trekking area near Yangshuo start in Putao village. This is a hidden Yangshuo"s trek area with awesome old villages far away of tourustic activity. This hike invites you to discover authentic villages whose lives seem immuable for century. You can meet farmers working in their fields in a stunning place, surrounded by limestone karst hills.

Trekking area near Yangshuo
trekking area near Yangshuo